Firm Overview

HEP derives its advantage from regular interactions with our strategic Limited Partners. By partnering with the leading health care organizations, we are afforded an unparalleled window into the rapidly evolving priorities of those responsible for shaping the direction of the industry. In turn, we focus on identifying innovative companies which map to the executive playbook. By orchestrating introductions between entrepreneurs and our limited partners, we are consistently identifying business development opportunities, regularly surveying introductions, and facilitating on-demand content and business development opportunities.

HEP by the numbers

16 leading hospital systems

9 health plans representing over 100 million covered lives

4 of the top 10 health plans by market share

Over 100 years of combined health care private equity and investment banking experience

HEP’s partners have deep domain knowledge, operational experience, and a proven track record as investors. We are a committed partner, providing management with market connectivity and support that contribute to the growth of the business and a successful liquidity event. We believe innovation in healthcare will translate into both improvements in patient care and superior returns for our investors.

HEP is a true partner. They have a long term view of business growth, support our business strategy and work closely with our management team to understand how they can really add value.

Siva Namasivayam, CEO, SCIO Health Analytics